Dippkwik stain Kit, Differential Stain Kit, Bone Marrow Stain Kit, Helicobacter pylori stain kit
DippKwik™ Differential Stain Kit
Stains FNAs, bone marrows, blood smears, and Helicobacter pylori in two minutes!

American MasterTech's DippKwik™ is an excellent differential stain for Hematology, Cytology, and Histology. Solutions #2 and #3 serve as primary stains, producing purple neutrophils, pink to red eosinophils, and blue Helicobacter pylori.

Pint Stain Kit yields between 320-500 slides. Liter Stain Kit yields between 680-1,000 slides. Gallon Stain Kit yields between 2,800-3,800 slides. Slide Yields assume maximum slides stained per run, maximum runs per use. Actual Slide Yields may vary.

Replacement kit components for the DippKwik™ Differential Stain Kit are available. Just click on the links below.

Recommended Control Slide(s):

Normal Bone Marrow Control Slides
Helicobacter Control Slides
Mast Cell Control Slides

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